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Overview of current gas prices in La Vista

La Vista, Nebraska – For many, keeping an eye on gas prices isn’t just a casual observation; it’s an essential part of daily life. With regular fluctuations, it’s vital for motorists to remain informed about the latest trends in their area.

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National and Regional Price Trends

As of Tuesday, the national average for a gallon of regular-grade gas stood at $3.545. This demonstrates a slight decline from the previous week when the price was $3.584, as per AAA’s data. When we zoom in on the state of NE, the average gas price as of Tuesday was $3.448 per gallon, marking a decrease from the previous week’s average of $3.510. In the city of La Vista, the average was slightly higher at $3.49 per gallon.

La Vista Stations and Their Gas Prices

For residents in La Vista looking to fill their tanks, the prices range considerably. According to GasBuddy, the rates span from a low of $3.19 to a high of $3.89. Here are some specifics:

  • Casey’s at 7203 Harrison St: REG at $3.19, PREM at $4.04, and DSL at $4.69.
  • Casey’s at 7828 S 123rd Plz: REG at $3.19, PREM at $3.84, and DSL at $4.69.
  • QuikTrip at 11626 Giles Rd: REG at $3.69, MID at $3.19, PREM at $3.79, and DSL at $4.19.
  • Shell at 8307 Park View Blvd: REG at $3.89, MID at $3.39, and PREM at $3.99.
  • Kwik Shop at 6910 S 108th St: MID at $3.19 and PREM at $3.85.

It’s worth noting that these prices can change frequently. To avoid any surprises, it’s always a good idea to check current prices before heading out to your local gas station.

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