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Mishap at Omaha apartment building results in two utility workers being injured

Omaha, Nebraska – A workplace incident left two Metropolitan Utilities District workers injured.

This unfortunate event unfolded at the Regency Lakeside Apartments, situated near S. 105th Plaza and Pacific Street, whilst the workers were performing maintenance on a gas meter that subsequently malfunctioned, as reported by local authorities.

Consequently, a plume of smoke was observed emanating from a structure within the apartment complex, prompting the dispatch of the Omaha Fire Department to the site. The firefighters successfully identified the source of the smoke and, following an appropriate assessment, residents were subsequently allowed reentry into the building.

The two workers incurred first-degree burns on their faces, necks, and arms. Despite the severity of their injuries, they declined to be transported to a medical facility for further treatment, officials said.

Following a comprehensive investigation, officials have determined the incident to be accidental in nature, attributing the cause to an undetected electrical issue.


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