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Gas prices at Gretna stations among the lowest in Nebraska

Gretna, Nebraska – Managing gas prices is an ongoing concern for many people, and understanding the current trends is crucial. As of Thursday, the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline stood at $3.401, a slight decrease from last week’s average of $3.448, as reported by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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In Nebraska, the average cost for a gallon of gas was approximately $3.272 on Thursday, showing a downward trend from the previous week’s average of $3.359. In Gretna, the average price was notably lower at $3.173.

For those in Gretna looking for the best deals on gas, prices vary significantly. According to GasBuddy, the range is between $2.99 to $3.54. Below is a list of stations in the area along with their prices for different types of fuel:

  • Flying J, 15010 S 216th St, Gretna: Regular (REG) $2.99, Midgrade (MID) $3.44, Premium (PREM) $3.99, Diesel (DSL) $4.55.
  • Phillips 66, 623 N US-6, Gretna: REG $2.99.
  • Pump & Pantry, 14341 S NE-31, Gretna: REG $3.54, MID $2.99, PREM $3.84.
  • Costco, 12515 Portside Pkwy, La Vista: REG $2.83, PREM $3.42.
  • Shell, 13235 Grover St, Omaha: REG $2.83, MID $2.78, PREM $3.83, DSL $4.47.
  • Sam’s Club, 13130 L St, Omaha: REG $2.83, PREM $3.37.
  • Casey’s, 14330 Hillsdale Ave, Omaha: REG $2.88, PREM $3.73, DSL $4.44.
  • Casey’s, 13736 Q St, Omaha: REG $2.89, PREM $3.74, DSL $4.62.

It’s important to remember that gas prices are subject to frequent changes. Always check the most current prices before visiting a gas station to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. This practice can lead to significant savings over time, especially for regular commuters and those who rely heavily on their vehicles for transportation.

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