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Bellevue residents favorite restaurant that was destroyed by fire in 2022 will not reopen

Bellevue, Nebraska – In what has been a disheartening development for the Bellevue community, the cherished Nettie’s Fine Mexican Restaurant will not be reopening. This news has particularly affected the local residents who have long considered the restaurant a beloved landmark.

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The story of Nettie’s Fine Mexican Restaurant is one of community, tradition, and an unexpected ending. Almost a year ago, on Christmas Eve 2022, a devastating fire completely destroyed the restaurant. This event not only left a physical void where the restaurant once stood but also an emotional gap in the hearts of many Bellevue locals.

Today, the site where Nettie’s once bustled with activity stands eerily empty. Alfredo Barrientos, a neighbor living across the street, reminisces about the times spent at the restaurant with his grandchildren. He recalls how they would sit on the front porch, longing for the return of their favorite eatery.

Rich Poisel, another local, echoes this sentiment. He reminisces about the restaurant’s popularity, evident from the always-full parking lot. Nettie’s was not just a place to eat; it was a part of daily life for many, a reliable spot for lunch and dinner.

In an attempt to salvage the 35-year-old legacy, the family who owned Nettie’s announced plans in May to seek city grants and loans. Their efforts were supported by the community, with hundreds attending a fundraiser in January to aid the business after the fire. However, the financial burden of reviving Nettie’s proved too great.

The owners, having weighed their options, decided not to rebuild. Poisel, reflecting the sentiment of many, expressed his sadness at the loss of such an iconic establishment. With Nettie’s gone, residents like him are left to find alternative dining options.

The owners have put the land where Nettie’s once stood up for sale, with an asking price of $150,000. An offer has been made on the property, but it is currently pending. This development marks a new chapter for the area, but for many, the memories of Nettie’s Fine Mexican Restaurant will remain a cherished part of Bellevue’s history.

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