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Sarpy County woman charged with 18 counts after brandishing firearm on Fourth of July

Sarpy County, Nebraska – In Sarpy County, a Bellevue resident, Connie Barboza, has been ordered to be held on a bond valued at half a million dollars. Barboza, aged 66, is alleged to have brandished a firearm at her neighbors during the Fourth of July festivities.

Court documents reveal that Bellevue Police attest that Ms. Barboza was discontented with her neighbors for igniting fireworks in her yard, situated near East 29th Avenue and Franklin Street.

Ms. Barboza reportedly disclosed to law enforcement that she had repeatedly requested her neighbors, which included several minors, to desist from their activities. Although the neighbors moved, Barboza stated to authorities that her enjoyment of her show remained interrupted.

Subsequently, she confessed to authorities that she had procured a firearm and confronted the neighbors, again requesting they halt their activities. While Barboza maintained that she did not aim the gun at anyone, the neighbors informed law enforcement that she had been brandishing the firearm in their direction.

Following Barboza’s appearance outside her residence around 9:30 p.m., the neighbors promptly contacted 911, and police officers took Barboza into custody.

Appearing in court on Thursday morning, she faced a total of 18 charges, which included seven counts of terroristic threats, seven counts of use of a firearm to commit a felony, and four counts of intent to commit child abuse. The judge stipulated a $500,000 bond and instructed no contact with the involved parties.

Barboza’s subsequent court appearance has been scheduled for August 10th.


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