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Bellevue East High receives heartwarming band support

Bellevue, Nebraska – At the recent state band competition held at Millard South High School, Bellevue East High School’s marching band achieved remarkable success, securing third place in their category and sixth overall. However, the event took an unexpected turn when one of their buses, carrying the band’s color guard members, was involved in an accident. This incident, while fortunately not resulting in any injuries, left all 15 students on board, including junior Madeline Woods, visibly shaken.

Madeline Woods, reflecting on the accident, expressed her relief that everyone was unharmed, acknowledging the potential for a more dire outcome. The experience was unnerving for the students, a sentiment echoed by Madeline who emphasized the distress of such an ordeal.

Unbeknownst to Madeline at the time, members of the Papillion La-Vista South High School color guard band witnessed the accident as they were returning from the same competition. Edyn Butler, a member of the Papillion La-Vista band, recounted the shock of seeing the aftermath of the accident, describing a truck crushed in half and the chaotic scene that unfolded.

Moved by what she witnessed, Edyn and her bandmates felt compelled to extend their support to Bellevue East band members. Edyn, with the help of her mother, came up with a thoughtful gesture: baskets filled with snacks and activity books to help the Bellevue East band members distract themselves from the recent traumatic experience. This act of kindness was particularly significant as the Bellevue East band was preparing for another trip to St. Louis the following weekend, and the gifts were intended to ease any apprehensions about traveling again.

Madeline Woods, upon learning of this kind gesture, was touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Papillion La-Vista South band. The Bellevue East band members, equally appreciative, sent a video message expressing their gratitude for this unexpected act of kindness.

Edyn Butler, reflecting on her actions, believed that Bellevue East would have done the same in their position. Her ability to empathize with and act upon it highlights the camaraderie and support that transcend school rivalries and competitions.

Jeremy Krug, the Bellevue East band director, often emphasizes the value of kindness to his students. However, even he was deeply moved by the impact of this gesture, a real-life example of compassion and unity in the community. This incident not only highlights the resilience and spirit of the students but also underscores the profound effect of kindness and solidarity in the face of adversity.

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