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Speeding concerns increase in Bellevue ahead of Halloween

Bellevue, Nebraska – The issue of speeding is raising concerns in Bellevue, especially with the approach of Halloween and the anticipated presence of trick-or-treaters on the streets. Drivers like Ron Strong are noticing an uptick in vehicles zipping past them, even when they’re driving at the legal speed limit. This trend is not just alarming for other motorists but also for the Bellevue Police Department, which is stepping up to address the issue.

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Bellevue Police Officer Chris Abbott is no stranger to the problem of speeding in the city. He encounters it regularly during his patrols and is not hesitant about taking action. Abbott emphasizes that while some drivers might receive a warning, repeat offenders or those caught speeding excessively are likely to receive a speeding ticket. The cost of these tickets isn’t trivial, ranging from $25 to over $125, depending on how much the driver exceeds the speed limit.

But the concern goes beyond financial penalties. With Halloween around the corner, there’s an increased emphasis on safety. Officer Abbott highlights the importance of cautious driving during this time, as children, often preoccupied with the excitement of trick-or-treating, may dart across streets without looking. This scenario necessitates heightened vigilance from drivers to prevent potential accidents.

According to Officer Abbott, a common excuse he hears from speeders is that they are in a hurry. To combat this, he suggests that drivers should allocate ample time to reach their destinations. This proactive approach can help in reducing the urge to speed, ultimately enhancing safety on the roads.

The message from Bellevue Police is clear: safety should be a priority for all drivers. With special events like Halloween, where the streets are filled with young and enthusiastic trick-or-treaters, it’s even more crucial for drivers to adhere to speed limits and stay alert. By doing so, they not only avoid hefty fines but also contribute to a safer and more secure environment for everyone in the community.

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