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Omaha Chamber set to host an event on equity and opportunity

Omaha, Nebraska – On October 20, the Greater Omaha Chamber is set to host a remarkable conference focusing on opportunity, diversity, and equity. Scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the event aims to be a beacon for businesses and individuals alike, emphasizing the importance of building a harmonious community that celebrates diversity.

A highlight of the conference will be the internationally acclaimed Soledad O’Brien, who will be taking the stage as the opening keynote speaker. Her insights, paired with a series of breakout sessions throughout the day, promise attendees a rich tapestry of knowledge, resources, and actionable steps.

Participants at the event can look forward to forging stronger connections, helping them build a more inclusive personal network. Moreover, the sessions will empower attendees to challenge and break down barriers, facilitating a more inclusive environment in their respective organizations. One of the conference’s core goals is to encourage organizations to recognize and actively address internal inequities, enabling every individual to participate and contribute effectively. The event will also shed light on the importance of dismantling outdated narratives that restrict progress, urging organizations to cultivate a culture of psychological safety, empowerment, and broadened perspectives.

But the work doesn’t end there. The conference will underscore the importance of accountability, urging individuals and organizations to commit to sustainable systemic changes that ensure long-lasting positive impact.

For those interested in attending, full details and ticket purchasing options are available on Additionally, various sponsorship opportunities are up for grabs for those wishing to show their support in a big way.

Beyond this event, the Greater Omaha Chamber consistently showcases its commitment to fostering a vibrant business community. With a mission rooted in visionary leadership and collaboration, the organization boasts over 3,000 members, all working in unison to make Omaha an ideal location for businesses, employees, and residents. Those interested in diving deeper into the chamber’s initiatives can learn more at

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