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Abby’s Corner: A thrift store in Papillion where shopping supports community well-being

Papillion, Nebraska – In the heart of Papillion, at the intersection of Washington Street and 2nd Avenue, stands Abby’s Corner, a thrift store with a special story. It’s not just a place where items find new homes; it’s a tribute to a young life lost too soon. In 2019, a tragic accident claimed the life of 10-year-old Abby Whitford, who was struck by a vehicle while crossing this very intersection.

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Elaine Edwards, a friend of Abby’s family, chose this significant spot to set up her thrift store. Naming it after Abby wasn’t just a gesture of remembrance; it was a commitment to keep her memory alive. “We just decided to name it after her just to remember her and to keep talking about her,” Edwards explained.

Opened three years ago, Abby’s Corner is more than a shopping destination. Every purchase made contributes to a noble cause. Part of every sale is donated to the Food Bank for the Heartland and Live On Nebraska, an organization dedicated to organ donation. This means that shoppers, knowingly or unknowingly, honor Abby’s memory and support the community with each item they buy.

For regulars like Karen Bothwell, Abby’s Corner is more than just a store; it’s a place imbued with a special energy. “I can feel this energy and it’s very heavenly,” Bothwell shared. “I don’t know how to describe it but I just had to come back.”

Remarkably, 15% of the thrift store’s revenue is channeled towards these charitable causes. Abby’s Corner stands as a poignant reminder of a young life gone too soon and a beacon of hope and help for the community. Here, every purchase is a tribute, every item has a story, and every visit is a step towards making a difference.

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