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Omaha’s Eppley Airfield introduces changes to pickup and drop-off locations

Omaha, Nebraska – For travelers familiar with Eppley Airfield’s terminal curb as their standard pickup and drop-off location, some changes are on the horizon. Starting this Friday, the routine of driving straight down to the terminal curb will be a thing of the past as traffic will now be redirected through the South Garage.

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Steve McCoy of the Omaha Airport Authority elaborates on the reason behind these changes: “When we see growth here at Eppley Airfield, it’s really a reflection of growth in our community. As Omaha grows, we grow with it.” Growth, however, often brings its set of challenges and adjustments.

Upon approaching the airport via Terminal Drive, drivers are now required to divert to the left, leading them into the South Garage. For those familiar with the ride-sharing arrangements at the airport, this is the same area currently designated for platforms like Uber and Lyft. McCoy assures that adequate signposting will guide vehicles appropriately. “There’ll be signage as folks come onto airport property directing their vehicles to either the arrivals area or departures area,” he added.

Inside the South Garage, especially on the ground level, there will be clear demarcations for the flow of traffic. Lanes are designated for passengers to conveniently enter and exit their vehicles. Additionally, passengers awaiting their rides can wait in a special, coned-off area. To further ease the flow and address any confusions, McCoy mentioned, “We’ll also have staff within the first floor of the garage to help facilitate that arriving and departing flow of vehicles.”

A highlight of this new arrangement is that while the South Garage’s upper levels are chargeable for parking, accessing the ground level remains free of cost. As McCoy puts it, “It’s purely a pickup and drop off operation.”

The ultimate aim of these changes is to pave the way for a grand $65 million terminal project. Outlining some of the forthcoming developments, McCoy stated, “We’re adding additional lanes to add capacity for vehicles and we’re also going to cover that entire curb front with a glass canopy to keep travelers out of the elements.”

Travelers should be prepared for these changes to remain effective until the Spring of 2025. As with any transition, there may be minor hiccups, but with added signage, dedicated staff, and clear demarcations, Eppley Airfield aims for a smooth adjustment period.

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