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Omaha City Council is meeting today to discuss the streetcar and other topics

OMAHA, Nebraska – Today is the day that the Omaha City Council gets together to talk about the streetcar as well as other matters.

A debate and a vote are being held regarding the $360 million bond that will be used to pay for the streetcar project and the lease agreements that are related with it.

The Mayor of Omaha, Jean Stothert, has stated that the streetcar can be constructed without an increase in taxes, and that the taxes created by those who want to build along the route are projected to fund the cost of construction.

The majority of the route that the Omaha streetcar line would take would be along Harney Street. It would begin at the intersection of 42nd and Farnam streets and end in the downtown area. It would make a round around The RiverFront, then take 10th Street to get to the conference center, and then turn around and go back down Farnam Street. That is the alignment that has been decided upon; where it stops and a few other specifics are all going to be worked out during the design phase.

In addition to the bonds, the following thing the Streetcar Authority will do is decide whether or not it will place a joint order for six streetcars. And even while the city has approval to sell bonds, that does not guarantee that it will issue all of them; rather, the process will be broken up into several stages.

Funding for restorations at Pipal, Hitchcock, and Mandan Parks is one of the other items that will be brought up for consideration.

Additionally, El Pollo Tote is in need of having its liquor license renewed. Complaints have been received from neighbors about loud noises that occur late at night and rubbish that is strewn about the neighborhood.

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