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Police in Sarpy and Douglas County have vacation program to improve safety in the areas

OMAHA, Nebraska – A vacation is enjoyable up to the point when a nagging thought like “Did I lock the front door?” starts to creep into your mind.

The good news is that many of the local police departments, including those in Sarpy and Douglas County, provide a vacation watch program in which officers will make random visits to your home while you are away.

Throughout the day and night, we are going to make random visits to their house to make sure everything is okay. Almost certainly each and every single day, hoped, although this will depend on the volume of the various types of calls. Officer Adam Boehmer from Papillion informed the family that “we are going to be checking on your home rather regularly.”

During the course of a sample house check, Officer Boehmer took 6 News along with him and provided some tips with us on how to make our homes less tempting to potential burglars.

“All of the windows are fastened and locked; they are not merely closed, but also locked. All of the window blinds were drawn. “Having a few of lights on is always a good idea,” he explained. “The lights on the outside of the house are on while it is night. That is an extremely effective disincentive for engaging in illegal activity.

Officer Boehmer also went over the process of a house check and what to expect.

They are going to park some distance away from the house. In most cases, they will perform a walk-around inspection, during which they will examine the front doors, back doors, and fences.

“If there was anything that came up that led you to believe it was strange, a door was propped open, a window was shattered, and your fence was left open. In the event that something similar occurs, we will get in touch with you,” stated Boehmer.

Officers are unable to collect your mail or garbage for you and instead recommend that you approach a neighbor for assistance in this matter. Another piece of advice that he gave was to ask a neighbor to park in your driveway while you are gone if your driveway is going to be vacant while you are gone. In this way, a car will be clearly seen entering and exiting your driveway at all times.

When you are adding your information to the form to be added to the watch list, the more information you provide, the better: He said, “Make sure you let us know those cars and those times of day you’re going to have folks coming and departing if you’re going to perform that vacation watch with the police department.”

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