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Salvation Army opens specialty thrift boutique in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska – The Salvation Army has introduced a unique shopping experience in the form of their newly opened boutique, Sally’s Select. Located near the thrift store on 25th Avenue and Dodge Street, this boutique offers a fresh take on thrifting for customers in the Omaha area.

According to Major Dan Sawka, the Salvation Army Omaha area commander, Sally’s Select aims to provide a more specialized and tailored experience to shoppers. Sawka emphasized that the store offers a completely different shopping experience unlike any other.

Customers have already expressed their excitement and satisfaction with the new boutique. One customer, Carrie Martens, shared her enthusiasm, mentioning that she has been a thrift store shopper since childhood.

Sally’s Select features a unique variety of items, including holiday decor, vintage toys, instruments, plates, sports memorabilia, and more. The store’s inventory is carefully hand-picked by staff and Salvation Army volunteers from community donations. This selection process ensures that Sally’s Select offers items that are distinct and different from those found elsewhere.

Cynthia Canann, the manager of Sally’s Select, hopes that the store will encourage people to recognize the value of sustainability. She emphasized the importance of thrift stores in promoting sustainability by reusing and repurposing items. Canann believes that being creative and giving items a second life contributes to a better environment and community.

The establishment of Sally’s Select is a testament to the Salvation Army’s commitment to the community. Major Dan Sawka highlighted that the funds raised through Salvation Army stores in the Omaha metro area directly impact the lives of local residents.

Sally’s Select is now open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., offering a unique and specialized thrifting experience to shoppers in the Omaha area.

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