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Repeated thefts jeopardize the future of long-established landscaping businesses in Gretna

Gretna, Nebraska – Early Monday morning, thieves targeted Outdoor Oasis Inc., a landscaping company located in Gretna, making away with over $150,000 worth of vital equipment.

Steve Basilico, the owner of the company, is deeply shaken by the event. Having devoted nearly 26 years to the establishment and running of his business, the thefts have made him contemplate shutting down for good. “It makes you want to throw in the towel and not keep working,” Basilico said.

Running a seasonal business already has its set of challenges, with operations spanning only 9 months a year and the struggle to retain employees during the off-season. But to Basilico’s dismay, this was the second such robbery within a short span of two months. The cumulative effect isn’t limited to just him. As he pointed out, “It really doesn’t just hurt me. It hurts all my employees as well…I can’t pay people to do nothing.”

The list of stolen items includes two trucks, two trailers, a skid loader, and hundreds of essential tools. Though Basilico managed to recover some items, including a tool trailer, a dump truck, and a dump trailer found in Blair, many high-value tools remain missing. He commented, “They took more than just tools from people. They took livelihoods.”

To deter future incidents, Basilico is considering bolstering security measures, including the addition of more surveillance cameras and air tags on tools.

In a plea to the community, anyone with information related to the thefts is urged to reach out to the local police or directly to Outdoor Oasis Inc.

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