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UNMC students and first responders collaborate on disaster training

Gretna, Nebraska – Students from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) recently stepped out of their usual controlled hospital environments to partake in a rigorous disaster training drill in Gretna. Partnering with first responders, they faced the unpredictable challenges that come with dealing with emergencies in a wilderness setting.

Hands-On Learning in a Real-Life Scenario

The exercise didn’t just involve a simple walk-through. Instead, it painted a vivid picture of a natural disaster, complete with “pretend victims with fake injuries and an overturned car.” The objective was to immerse the participants in high-pressure, real-life emergencies.

Tristen Zimmerman, one of the enthusiastic students who partook in the drill, had the opportunity to interact with advanced mannequins. These high-tech teaching aids, controlled by tablets, presented various trauma scenarios, offering participants hands-on experience in trauma management.

Such emergency drills are instrumental in honing quick response techniques. They prepare the students for potential large-scale emergencies by simulating the stress, urgency, and unpredictability of actual disaster scenes.

Following the intensive session, participants and organizers engaged in post-drill discussions. The consensus was clear: such hands-on training exercises are invaluable. They not only underscore the importance of swift and instinctive decision-making during high-stakes situations but also instill confidence in budding medical professionals.

While the hope remains that these future healthcare workers will never face such extreme situations in their careers, there’s a comfort in knowing that if they do, they’ve had the training to respond effectively and efficiently. After all, in the medical field, preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.

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