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Offutt Air Force Base holds routine active shooter drill

Bellevue, Nebraska – Residents and visitors in the vicinity of Offutt Air Force Base may witness increased activity on Tuesday. The base officials have confirmed that this increase in operations is part of a scheduled exercise. Specifically, the base announced via social media on Monday that it would be conducting an active shooter drill the following day.

To avoid any confusion or panic amongst the base personnel and nearby residents, the base has implemented a clear communication strategy. All notifications related to this exercise, whether they are disseminated through phone, email, or the AtHoc system, will be prefixed with the words “EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.” This is to ensure that everyone recognizes these alerts as part of the drill and not a real emergency.

The base is emphasizing that this active shooter exercise is a standard and routine event aimed at preparing and training its personnel for potential emergencies.

If any individuals have questions or require more details about this event, they are encouraged to reach out to the 55th Wing’s Exercise Planning team. The team can be contacted at the provided phone number, (402) 294-7235.

Residents are urged to remain calm and understand that the exercise is a testament to the base’s commitment to maintaining safety and readiness standards.

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