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Three women disappear while traveling to Mexico, daughter remains optimistic

The disappearance of two sisters from Texas, Marina Perez Rios, 48, and Maritza Trinidad Perez Rios, 47, along with their friend Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz, 53, while en route to a flea market in Montemorelos, Mexico, has left their loved ones in a state of uncertainty. Despite the passage of three weeks since their disappearance, the daughter of one of the sisters, Maria Guadalupe Ramirez, 27, has expressed hope that they will be located and returned home safely.

Ramirez spoke to KRGV-TV in Weslaco, Texas, about her family’s anguish and the ongoing search for her mother and aunt. The sisters, both legal U.S. residents residing in Peñitas, Texas, had made the trip to the market in Nuevo Leon numerous times in the past. Ramirez has been in contact with Mexican authorities and is doing everything in her power to ensure that her mother and aunt are found.

The FBI has also been involved in the investigation and, in a statement released on Thursday, stated that they are relentlessly pursuing all options to protect American citizens. However, due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, they could not disclose any further details at the moment.

The state prosecutor’s office in Nuevo Leon is currently investigating the women’s disappearance, but as for the 112,000 Mexicans who have gone missing across the country, the search for them is often left to their desperate relatives, who tirelessly seek answers.

It is essential to note that this case bears a striking resemblance to another incident that garnered a flurry of media attention earlier this month. The abduction of four Americans in Matamoros, caught on video after a drug cartel shootout, ended swiftly when they were located in a wooden shack. While two were found alive, two tragically lost their lives. The investigation into that case involved a massive search effort, which included the involvement of Mexican soldiers and National Guard troops.

As this latest case unfolds, it is imperative to remember the families of these missing women, who are anxiously awaiting their loved ones’ safe return.


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