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Gas price overview at Bellevue stations

Bellevue, Nebraska – Managing gas prices is a constant challenge for many, especially with fluctuating costs. As of Wednesday, the national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gas stood at $3.462. This figure marks a slight decrease from last week’s average of $3.541, as reported by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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In Nebraska, the average cost for a gallon of gas was around $3.372 on Wednesday, showing a decline from the previous week’s price of $3.452. Specifically, in Bellevue, the average price was even lower at $3.24.

For those in Bellevue looking to fill up their tanks, prices can vary significantly. According to GasBuddy, gas prices in the area range from $3.05 to $3.79. Here’s a brief rundown of some stations and their prices:

  • Casey’s at 2104 Pratt Ave offers regular gas at $3.05, and diesel at $4.24.
  • AAFES at 902 Garland St Bldg 280 and Nelson Dr both have regular gas at $3.05.
  • Shell at 10209 S 25th St provides regular gas for $3.05, premium for $4.05, and diesel for $4.25.
  • Casey’s at 7724 S 22nd St has regular gas at $3.11, premium for $3.96, and diesel for $4.59.
  • Kwik Shop at 2103 Capehart Rd offers a range with regular at $3.12, midgrade at $3.42, premium at $3.72, and diesel at $4.69.
  • Baker’s, both at 801 Galvin Rd S and 3614 Twin Creek Dr, have similar pricing with regular at $3.12, midgrade at $3.42, premium at $3.72, and diesel ranging from $4.49 to $4.59.
  • Conoco at 502 Galvin Rd S has regular gas for $3.19.
  • Casey’s at 3003 Samson Way is selling regular at $3.19 and premium at $4.04.

It’s important to remember that gas prices are not static and can change frequently. Always make sure to check the current prices before heading to the gas station to ensure the best deal. Whether it’s regular, midgrade, premium, or diesel fuel, staying informed can help make the necessary task of managing gas prices a bit more manageable.

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