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Online scams surge in Bellevue

Bellevue, Nebraska – Online scams are nothing new, but in recent times, the frequency and sophistication of these digital deceptions have surged. Bellevue police have observed a marked increase in online scams, and even those who consider themselves well-versed in identifying fraud can fall victim. One former fraud manager’s harrowing experience serves as a stark reminder that anyone can be targeted and that maintaining emotional composure is crucial.

A Close Call at Walmart

Chris Weiss, the former fraud manager in question, almost lost hundreds of dollars to an online scam despite believing she was taking every necessary precaution. The ordeal began with a phishing email notifying her that $566 would be taken from her PayPal account. Wanting to rectify the situation, Weiss searched for PayPal’s contact number online, unfortunately dialing a scammer instead.

“It creates a very large mess,” Weiss described, reflecting on the aftermath. Though she had extensive experience with scams due to her former job, she was duped into downloading an app that granted the scammer access to her phone and computer. The scammer’s cunning didn’t end there; he instructed her to purchase a $500 gift card from Walmart without explaining why.

Distracted by her emotional distress and concerns about her finances, Weiss was about to fall deeper into the scammer’s trap when a vigilant Walmart employee named Lennette stepped in. Recognizing the classic signs of a scam, Lennette intervened by hanging up the phone. Grateful for this timely intervention, Weiss expressed her deep appreciation, vowing to “pay it forward.”

Protecting Yourself from Scams

At Affordable Computer Repair, where Weiss sought help post-scam, she learned that her experience was far from unique. The store owner mentioned that scam victims came in daily, often deceived by pop-ups falsely warning of computer viruses.

The key takeaway from Weiss’s ordeal is the importance of emotional restraint. “Keep your emotions in check when you see something like this and don’t let them get the best of you,” she advised.

Bellevue police department (BPD) shared further guidelines for online safety. Det. Sgt. Jason Melrose emphasized the importance of verifying email origins and ensuring that when contacting organizations, genuine contact details from official websites are used. Crucially, never share bank details or purchase gift cards for unknown individuals.

The BPD strongly recommends that scam victims report their experiences on This centralized reporting can lead to federal agents being assigned to investigate if multiple reports emerge from a particular region.

Resources for Scam Victims

Victims are not alone. Several resources exist to assist those who’ve fallen prey to scams:

  1. National Elder Fraud Hotline: Aims to aid victims of elder fraud, offering support through the reporting process.
  2. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): A division of the FBI for reporting internet crimes.
  3. Federal Trade Commission: Provides guidance on what to do post-scam.
  4. AARP Fraud Watch Network: Educates older adults about scams, offering insights from fraud specialists.
  5. Better Business Bureau (BBB): Helps verify the trustworthiness of businesses and charities.
  6. Cybercrime Support Network: Offers insights on recognizing, reporting, and recovering from cybercrime.

Other valuable resources include the Do Not Call Registry, FBI’s Scams and Safety, the National Center on Elder Abuse, and In the digital age, staying informed and vigilant is the best defense against online fraud.

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