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La Vista gas prices: Where to fuel up for less?

La Vista, Nebraska – For many individuals, tracking gas prices isn’t just a routine; it’s an essential aspect of daily life. The fluctuation of these prices affects budgets, commutes, and other facets of life. But where do things currently stand?

The national average price for a gallon of regular-grade gas hovered around $3.880 on Tuesday, marking a slight increase from the $3.836 recorded a week ago, as per the data from AAA. Zooming into NE, the average cost was marginally lower, standing at $3.840 on Tuesday, which actually denotes a minor drop from last week’s $3.863. La Vista, in particular, recorded an average gas price of $3.889.

La Vista Gas Stations: A Price Breakdown

For those in La Vista and its vicinity, understanding the price variations between different gas stations can mean significant savings. According to GasBuddy, gas prices in La Vista fluctuate between $3.58 to a staggering $4.29. Here’s a snapshot of some key stations and their respective prices:

  • Costco at 12515 Portside Pkwy offers regular gas at $3.58, while diesel is available for $3.89. Their premium gas fetches a price of $4.29.
  • Casey’s has several outlets with prices hovering around $3.69 for regular gas. The location at 7828 S 123rd Plz stands out with premium gas available at $4.34.
  • QuikTrip at 11626 Giles Rd offers a more expansive range, with regular gas priced at $4.19, midgrade at $3.69, and both premium and diesel available for $4.29 and $4.19, respectively.
  • Kum & Go at 10764 Virginia Plaza presents regular gas at $4.19, while the premium variant is slightly steeper at $4.54.
  • Shell at 8307 Park View Blvd comes in at the higher end with regular gas priced at $4.29, and their midgrade variant is available for $3.79.

Given the frequency of price changes, it’s always wise to check the latest figures before heading to a gas station. Whether you’re fueling up for a daily commute or a road trip, every cent counts.

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