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Salvation Army Omaha Corps Community Centers open for Christmas assistance sign-ups

Omaha, Nebraska – With Christmas just over seven weeks away, proactive families are beginning to prepare, especially those who rely on community assistance to celebrate the holiday season. The Salvation Army Omaha Corps Community Centers have opened their doors for individuals and families to register for Christmas assistance, a program that annually supports thousands in the local area.

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Sign-Up Time for Holiday Help

The initiative is designed to ensure that qualifying families can enjoy a bountiful holiday meal and have presents to exchange, courtesy of generous donations from the community. The help provided by the Salvation Army is invaluable to those like Claude, a father of four, who expressed his gratitude: “I’m in a very fixed income so I think this is a very big push for me, so I really appreciate Salvation Army doing this for me, for my kids, so thank you guys so much.”

There are several criteria that determine program eligibility. Those interested in applying need to present a photo ID, adhere to the HHS poverty guidelines, and provide proof of their address. Additionally, there’s an age limit for children receiving gifts; assistance is available for kids up to 15 years old, and families need to provide documents verifying their children’s birth dates.

The process to sign up for Christmas assistance is zip code-specific, meaning where and when you sign up is determined by your place of residence. The Salvation Army has made it straightforward for potential applicants: a visit to will greet them with a Christmas Assistance banner. Clicking on this banner leads to a detailed breakdown of sign-up information based on zip code, streamlining the process and ensuring that those in need know exactly how and where to apply.

With the festive season fast approaching, the Salvation Army encourages eligible families to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure they can celebrate Christmas with the joy and warmth that the holiday promises.

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