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Omaha Police launch Operation Falling Speed

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha Police Department (OPD) has unveiled plans to intensify its crackdown on speeders as part of their initiative dubbed “Operation Falling Speed.” This initiative will run from Oct. 12 through Oct. 30, aiming to curb the rising trend of dangerous speeding in and around Omaha.

OPD’s decision to launch this operation is timely, considering the recent spate of severe vehicle accidents reported across the metro. Specifically, the past week witnessed a series of alarming incidents. Notably, north Omaha reported three distinct collisions on Tuesday. Moreover, there was a motorcycle mishap in Sarpy County, and a tragic crash involving young individuals occurred in rural Douglas County on Sunday morning.

Addressing this, the department emphasized in a press release, “Excessive and dangerous speed in and around Omaha has been an increasing problem in frequency and in the extreme behaviors exhibited by some offenders.”

It’s also worth noting that the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office previously undertook a similar endeavor to curb speeding on Omaha’s West Dodge Road during the summer. With “Operation Falling Speed,” Omaha authorities are undoubtedly sending a clear message about their commitment to enhancing road safety.

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