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La Vista responds to community over industrial zoning concerns

La Vista, Nebraska – The growth of suburban areas often comes with its share of challenges and opportunities. In a classic case unfolding in La Vista, a business owner’s vision to develop a property and boost the local economy has met with the concerns of residents worried about their community’s character and well-being.

The crux of the issue revolves around a plot of land situated south of Chandler Road near 144th Street. With ambitions to develop the land for economic benefits, including job creation and increased tax revenue, the business owner’s plans initially faced skepticism from local families. Their worry? The possibility of the area becoming a large-scale industrial site, disrupting the ambiance of their neighborhood, which is currently a mix of smaller businesses.

City officials were quick to recognize the concerns of their citizens. In response, they have taken steps to ensure that any development aligns with the interests of the residents. As a result, a rezoning plan was proposed for the property in question.

City of La Vista Deputy Community Development Director Chris Solberg elaborated on the city’s decision, saying, “That land is zoned for industrial but we down-zoned it to a more applicable zoning district for that neighborhood, and we believe it works a lot better overall for that neighborhood, and in the end, with public input, I think we’ve come to a solution that works.” This statement encapsulates the city’s effort to engage with its residents, echoing their proactive approach in planning for the future.

Solberg also mentioned the “Vision 84 process” — a planning initiative of the city aimed at gathering public input which ultimately led to the creation of a new downtown for La Vista. This showcases the city’s commitment to incorporating citizen feedback into its urban planning initiatives.

The developer’s representative added a layer of reassurance, stating they were on board with the down-zoning and that the intention was to construct “small warehousing and light industrial sites similar to what exists directly across Chandler Road.” This aligns with the existing landscape and aims to maintain the neighborhood’s character.

Although the proposed rezoning suggests a compromise that caters to both development and community interests, any plans for development remain on hold until the La Vista City Council formally approves the zoning changes. The decision now lies with the council, with the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 6:00 p.m., where the La Vista Planning Commission’s recommendations will be up for discussion. Residents and the developer alike await this meeting, hopeful for a favorable outcome that promises growth while preserving the community’s quality of life.

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