YouTuber built the largest hammer on the planet

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Three members of the How Ridiculous YouTube channel, known for their bizarre and extravagant experiments, have made the Hulk the heaviest hammer in the world. The hammer consists of 300 kg of steel and as they say, it can crush literally anything that comes its way.

With the help of DSM Consulting Engineers, YouTubers have added this weapon of mass destruction to their vast arsenal. Their latest deadly “toy” is the largest hammer on the planet.

The hammer is 6.7 meters high and can be raised in an upright position with the help of a hydraulic frame, and the hammer head, weighing 3 tons, can destroy everything with its weight.

If you want to see the hammer in action and how it destroys everything that will be put under it, watch the video attached.

(Interesting Engineering)

(photo: YouTube)

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