Youtube is reportedly testing five unskippable ads at the beginning of every video

Reportedly, the video sharing network YouTube, which is owned by Google, is in the process of testing a feature that a significant number of users of its free edition would find annoying.

Some users of popular social media platforms claim that throughout the month of September, the platform secretly deployed a new advertisement display format.

Users who make use of the free version of the service and do not have a membership to YouTube Premium run the risk of being required, in the not too distant future, to view five advertisements before the start of their video.

This information became available when a number of individuals took to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to voice their dissatisfaction. They note that prior to being permitted to watch the YouTube video of their choice, they are subjected to viewing five advertisements rather than the usual two.

Additionally, an official comment regarding the matter was issued by YouTube. “Bumper advertising” are one type of advertisement that this company wants to bring to users’ attention because it may result in the display of five different advertisements on YouTube.

According to the firm, these adverts are short and frequently up to six seconds. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go around them.

At the moment, YouTube Free users do not see five advertisements before the beginning of a video. This indicates that the firm is evaluating the viability of this feature with a limited sample of users.

At this time, the vast majority of YouTube Free users receive two advertisements before the beginning of a video. The date on which the new format with five advertisements will be made available to all users of the site is unknown.

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