Young woman rocked by diagnosis after Googling her headache symptoms

After researching her symptoms on Google, a student nurse was given the diagnosis that she had a brain tumor.

When 22-year-old Bridie Wilson went to her primary care physician in April complaining of headaches, the physician told her that the headaches were most likely caused by anxiety and stress. Bridie later complained from dizziness and exhibited unexpected clumsiness as these symptoms became more severe.

A month ago, the young woman did some internet research regarding her symptoms, and as a result, she became certain that she had cancer.

The student nurse was sent to the hospital on September 17 because she was experiencing a significant amount of dizziness, which ultimately led to the diagnosis of the tumor.

“I was awakened by my boyfriend Harry, and when I sat up, I noticed that the room had begun to rotate around me. I got to my feet, but the room started to whirl around me so quickly that I had to sit back down on the ground “Bridie, who is currently in the last year of her program, shared her thoughts.

“Because I was hoping to have a pleasant weekend, I resisted going to the hospital as much as I could. I had been working nonstop all week. Therefore, I went to the hospital, and they attended to my needs extremely promptly.

“We were still intending to go home and have some tea there. I had a feeling that something was up, and I noticed that one of the doctors was staring at me in an odd way. Having worked in the medical field before, I knew that this was never a good sign.

“I had done some research on Google approximately two weeks before I experienced the acute headache. I’d informed my mother and Harry that it said I had a brain tumor, and they said “don’t be foolish, it’s just stress.” Little did I realize at that time that I was actually correct in my assessment of the situation.”

According to rumours in the Liverpool Echo, Bridie’s 11-hour procedure would have to be postponed until September 22 because of the burial for the Queen.

The operation was successful, and around 2 millimeters of tumor and the bed of the tumor were left behind after the procedure.

“There were so many risks associated with it, and you always worry, ‘am I going to come round from it?’ but I was really lucky, and it was a successful procedure,” added Bridie, who is from Bradford in the county of West Yorkshire.

She underwent occupational and physiotherapy immediately following the surgery in order to assist her in regaining her ability to walk, and after 11 days, she was able to return home and begin her recuperation.

Bridie said: “I couldn’t have been happier to be back at home, where I could carry on with my healing.

“My cerebrospinal fluid and spine were both examined via a lumbar puncture, and the results showed that neither contains any signs of cancer. This means that I am a candidate for proton beam radiotherapy.

“We are just waiting on a few other treatments before I start my radiotherapy, it is a curative treatment so I am hoping that I am lucky that I get to live my life and grow old,” she said. “A date has been set for the 1st of November, and it has been decided that the 1st of November will be the date.”

In order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support before Bridie begins her treatment, both she and her partner, Harry Louch, will be facing the shave on October 28 and shaving their heads in support of the organization. “This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart,” stated Bridie. The job that these people do and the assistance that they offer is absolutely incredible, and it serves as a beacon of light during this difficult path.

“Ever since I found out that I was going to lose my hair, I’ve known that I wanted to do it for a good cause. I really didn’t want it to be due to cancer in any way. In regard to that, I was fairly firm.

“I wanted it to be on my terms, and I wanted something great to come out of it,” she said. And now, rather than it being because of cancer, it is for cancer, and disease can’t take it away from me.”

Bridie thanked both Harry and her parents for the support they have given her through this challenging time in her life. She also thanked Harry for being there for her when she needed him. She shared her thoughts by stating, “It really is incredible, and I could never thank them enough for simply constantly being there.”

Things makes it easier in the sense that you don’t feel as isolated as you might otherwise.

In addition to her efforts to generate money for charity, Bridie wants to bring attention to the disease of cancer and encourages people to consult their physicians and look for assistance if they are not feeling well.

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