Xpeng eVTOL: The first ever working model of a flying car was unveiled in Dubai

The two-seater Xpeng eVTOL X2 is a flying car that looks like a large drone and was unveiled by the Dubai International Chamber at Gitex Global 2022 on Tuesday.

Like all electric cars, this one has a limited flight duration, but the official unveiling marks a new era in short-haul flights and mobility solutions that rely on artificial intelligence.

The autonomous two-seater has a maximum take-off mass of 760 kg and an empty mass of 560 kg.

It can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h, and the flight can last 35 minutes.

The Xpeng X2 is made of carbon fiber and has a parachute that is connected to the frame of the car in case something goes wrong.

Previous eVTOL prototypes include 2019’s T1 and 2020’s X2.

“X2” is the fifth generation of this company’s flying cars. So far, XPeng AeroHT has released aerial footage testing the X2 in extreme conditions and at high altitudes, but only in China.

It is only a matter of time before these types of transportation become part of our everyday life.

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