XP League Omaha brings esports to kids and teens on the subway

OMAHA, Neb. (Nebraska) — Omaha has a new esports gaming hub.

3 News Now stopped by XP League Omaha to find out how the center is committed to eliminating the toxicity of online gaming and helping kids improve their gaming skills as well as grow as individuals.

“Coming to a game where you can punch your teammates after a winning score or whatever is a very different experience than just playing online and chatting through headsets,” said Nick Vanderwaal, commissioner for XP League Omaha.

Vanderwaal grew up with the games and even played on the UNL varsity team. Now he helps train kids in XP League Omaha.

“For a university player, it’s almost a dream to open an esports center,” he said.

And that’s exactly what they did.

“XP League Omaha is a youth coached esports league. We are one of the 60 XP leagues in the US and Canada,” said league president Greg Douglas.

The center has seven well-known games that are ready for the players.

“Games like Fortnite are very well known, even Minecraft, which is probably one of the first esports to really have the huge hit that we offer,” Douglas said.

Teams train every day.

“This is our baseball field or our basketball court. This is an esports arena, here we have professional-grade equipment and a place where children can come and train during the week,” Douglas said.

And, like other youth sports, competitions are held every week.

“(In) XP League Omaha we call ourselves infinity here. In fact, we can play both in Cupertino and in Atlanta and Madison, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona and places like that, ”said Douglas.

But for Douglas, it’s more than just games. This relieves loneliness and instills team values, and also gives parents the opportunity to see how their children play.

“It will also include things that will help that person grow and develop as a person. Because we want to see great character from all of our players. In fact, our slogan is that we create characters, not avatars,” Douglas. .

This gives gamers an exciting space to participate and participate in a safe community.

“I see a part of myself in every child, and I would like to see me grow up. And I just think it will be a great place to not only create potential college players, but help every kid grow,” Vanderwaal said.

XP League Omaha is working on its spring teams.


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