Xbox will not require a non-stop internet connection when playing

Microsoft is finally changing an unpopular decade-old rule.

A regular complaint on the list of Microsoft console owners since 2013 is the ubiquitous Digital Rights Management technology.

For the uninitiated, this means the constant presence of Xbox consoles (in this case) online to ensure that the game copy is genuine.

While we consider it acceptable for multiplayer or those games that the user has installed through various subscription services, it is absolutely unacceptable in the case of a single-player game for which an expensive price has been paid. Besides being justifiably annoying about not having full control over your own property, Denuvo (DRM for PC) was once so intrusive that it slowed down Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, say among all the other negative aspects of this story.

Eden Marie, the chief engineer of the Xbox consoles, that is, the Xbox team, confirmed on Twitter that this anti-piracy grip on their consoles has been loosening for some time. While titles on Xbox One discs have not been checked by DRM since the June 2206 update, the new update also drops the ball for single-player games on Xbox S/X consoles.

It still won’t apply to Xbox Game Pass, where online presence is mandatory, but at least those who paid full price for individual games, after that initial confirmation from the server during installation and first activation, will be able to carry it with peace of mind the console on the go, without worrying about signal quality.

If one thing is certain, it’s that offline gaming will appeal to everyone.

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