“Wordle”: The app that took over the world becoming one of the most popular ad-free mobile app in just two months

A simple mobile game has conquered social networks and pop culture. It’s called Wordle.

The player has to guess a word of five letters, and there are six attempts for that, according to “NPR”. After each attempt, the word fields change to gray to indicate which letters are not in the word. The fields turn yellow if the letters are in the word but in a different order, and finally, the fields are colored green if the letters are in the word in the correct order.

Some people guess the “Word of the Day” in a matter of minutes. Others треба Need more time.

Once “Word of the Day” is hit and the game is played, players can share their results on Twitter, revealing how many attempts they needed to hit the word, without revealing other details. The “word of the day” is the same for all players, and only one word can be guessed per day.

The free game was created by software engineer Josh Wardle, who made the game for his partner, Palak Shah, who is a fan of word games. Chess also helped create the game.

The application started to become popular in October, and last week reached a number of 2.7 million players. The game won over the audience because it does not contain ads, tricks for extra charge, and players do not have to share their personal information to play.

“By making Wordle, I was deliberately avoiding doing things that involve all mobile games,” Wordle told NPR. He added no notifications, no endless play feature, and no tools to keep players in the app for as long as possible.

According to him, this approach made the game incredibly popular.

“The simplicity of the game makes it fun, with no hidden agendas.” However, the great popularity of the game also has its downsides.

“To be honest, the popularity is not good. I have more responsibility towards the players. “I feel I owe them and I need to keep working to make sure it works perfectly.”

The simplicity and popularity of Wordle led to the creation of large numbers of copies, which were deleted by Apple.

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