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Woodlawn man was caught on video attacking a dog with a shovel, arrested and charged

Woodlawn, Ohio – A man has been taken into custody in WOODLAWN, Ohio, after he was seen hitting a dog with a shovel. The dog suffered significant injuries as a result of the attack, which was captured on tape.

Thursday was the day that the assault took place in a Woodlawn community. The footage allegedly shows 42-year-old Tianthony Wagner approaching two dogs that are penned in the backyard of their owners. This is according to the police.

Wagner walks away, goes to the carport, and grabs a shovel from there before returning to start hitting at the dogs. While one of the canines dashes to the opposite side of the yard, a chihuahua called Pablo waits patiently close to the perimeter gate.

Wagner keeps swinging and eventually hits Pablo, causing the small dog to sustain serious injuries as a result of the collision. A subsequent portion of the footage reveals Pablo lying motionless on the ground.

“I became very unwell as a result of it. According to Michelle Marcis, who works with Proud Pups Rescue, the dog in the video has suffered a significant brain injury. As a result of the owner’s request for assistance, the group is currently caring for the dog.

“They were forced to watch a video of their dog being beaten in their own backyard, according to Marcis, who added, “I believe they had a lot of trouble absorbing it and then knowing that they couldn’t afford to assist him. So we were delighted that we were able to step in.”

Pablo is currently being treated at MedVet Cincinnati. On Saturday, Proud Pub Rescue reported that he was stable but did not want to stand up or eat. “Doctors were incredibly hopeful,” the group wrote in a Facebook post. “We hope he can pull through this.”

Marcis stated, “It’s hard to fathom someone being able to hurt a sentient being like that. They can’t speak for themselves or stand up for themselves.” “It’s hard to see someone being able to damage a sentient being like that.”

The rescue organization claims that the video played a significant part in the investigation, despite the fact that it can be disturbing to watch.

“According to Maria Lobuono, who is a member of the gang, “that video reveals exactly what happened.” “In order for justice to be done, it is necessary that credit be given where credit is due.”

Marcis continued by saying, “It’s tough to have an arrest made in cases involving animal abuse a lot of the time.”

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