Women from the Kansas City area say their family and friends are still trapped under the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey

KANSAS CITY, MO (KSHB) — Friends with family ties to Turkey follow the news every day from the earthquake-ravaged country where more than 21,000 people died.

Jessica Jenedy and Bank Koken-King kept a close eye on Thursday in Shawnee for more news from Turkey about the recovery efforts.

The footage shows people being pulled from the rubble, with Jenedy and Cocken-King clinging to each image.

They know that their family or friends might be next.

“So if they are still saving people, there is hope for my family,” Jenedy said.

Her husband grew up in Turkey, and Jenedy has photos of his family’s home that was destroyed by the earthquake.

“Are they even alive? How can they even get them out? How deep are they? She said. “Since Sunday, they have been trapped under rubble. We do not know their fate.”

Jenedy’s husband’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and two-year-old son are still missing.

“And that’s the hardest thing to know that this child left without a mother,” she said. “They heard some cries for help. They heard a baby crying, and we have a two-year-old, two-year-old girl who is stuck under the rubble and we don’t know if our baby is crying or who is crying down there.”

Koken-King grew up in Turkey and knows about earthquakes, but not the latest.

“Looks like a nuclear bomb or something went off there,” she said.

The two women hope to raise awareness and raise funds to help survivors.

“There are still people underground,” she said.

You can help by sending donations to the website below.

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