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Woman allegedly wrecked car on Popeye because she didn’t get cookies, police arrested after being found at her home


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March 2, 2023, 2:47 pm

A Georgia woman has been arrested and charged with a felony after she allegedly became angry when cookies were not included in her Popeyes order and repeatedly drove into the building in response.

In accordance with Chronicles of AugustaA 50-year-old woman visited a chicken restaurant chain in Augusta last week. WJBF-TV identified the woman as Belinda Miller.

The police report says that when Miller received her order, there were no cookies.

According to the police, in response, she threatened to crash her car into the building.

WJBF said the manager responded to Miller’s complaint by providing her with the missing cookie, but that was not enough to calm her down.

Another customer who was in line to receive the order said that Miller told customers “she would be back”. One of the alleged threats was also made over the phone.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said Miller followed through on her threats when she pulled up to the building’s main entrance and stepped on the gas pedal.

She supposedly rammed building several times, taking out the doors and part of the wall.

It wasn’t until her car couldn’t get any further into the building due to a buildup of debris that she finally gave up.

One Popeyes employee was reported to have been nearly struck vehicle.

The police report stated that Miller fled the scene in a car before they arrived.

She was identified as a suspect and officers went to her house, where they found evidence that they believed was incriminating: the front of her car was reportedly damaged.

Miller was jailed and charged with aggravated assault and felony vandalism in the first degree.

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