Woman, 28, finds lungs are ‘full of blood clots’ after suffering ‘severe’ morning sickness

A pulmonary embolism is detected when a blood clot blocks off part of an artery, preventing oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood from traveling to the lungs. This condition can be life-threatening. Patients frequently do not survive the condition, although the chances of receiving curative treatment are considerably improved if the warning signals are recognized as early as possible. One case report that was investigated and documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) brings to light a number of the symptoms that should serve as a warning.

Marianne Smart, who was 28 years old when she first noticed her symptoms, was pregnant with her second child at the time.

Marianne said that she was vomiting “more than six times a day” and suffering from “severe morning sickness” when she was nine weeks pregnant.

She went on to say that “Aside from that, everything all appeared to be standard. On the other hand, I realized that I had a dull pain on the right side of my rib cage one morning.

“We reasoned that it must be due to the fact that we had an awkward sleep pattern or that we might have injured a muscle due to the morning sickness. The pain got worse throughout the day, and I found that I was breathing more quickly and shallowly as a result.

After some time had passed, Marianne was brought to an emergency room, where her gynecologist obstetrician voiced serious concerns regarding blood clots.

The subsequent investigations, on the other hand, did not uncover anything more serious than signs of dehydration and pain in the ribs, with the majority of tests yielding normal results.

Marianne shared her experience, saying, “I was sent home with a diagnosis of pleurisy.” Pleurisy is an inflammatory condition that causes swelling of the tissue that covers the lung and chest cavity.

Marianne’s symptoms, however, continued to rapidly worsen the next day, in spite of the fact that she had been prescribed medications for the pain in her ribs.

The woman who was a mother to two children said that she had been experiencing a tightness in her chest and shallow breathing that had gotten significantly worse throughout the night.

Marianne reflected, “The pain was intolerable, and I was unable to take a single breath.”

She was eventually brought to the hospital, where a CT scan indicated a serious clotting event in her lung. Her condition deteriorated rapidly after that.

Marianne stated that the results demonstrated several pulmonary emboli (blood clots in the lungs) in addition to a right-sided pulmonary infarction.

When a section of the lung has been infarcted, it is because a blood clot has sealed off that portion of the lung. If the condition is not treated, it might have life-threatening effects.

This is due to the fact that there is a major obstruction in the passage of oxygen to the remainder of the body, which organs require in order to function effectively.

“Because of the abundance of blood clots in my lungs, the right one of them sustained significant damage. I stayed in the hospital for a total of ten days “explained Marianne.

Anticoagulant medicine is typically given to patients as part of the treatment for blood clots. This type of drug is also employed as a preventative precaution.

A blood clot that has been allowed to remain stagnant in the legs untreated might cause pulmonary embolism because it can eventually break loose and travel to the lungs.

When a blood clot forms deep within a vein, it is typically the result of damage to the blood vessel or inflammation that follows an infection or injury. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, including:

Because of this, the blood platelets will begin to clump together, stick to the edges, and create a clog.

Even though this can happen to anyone, the physiological changes that take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy put her at a significantly higher risk for having a blood clot occur.

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