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Winter storm slows things down, making working days in Omaha long days

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Many people on the subway woke up to the sight of snow-covered areas. Many schools in the area have closed, leaving children at home and their parents away from the roads.

But those who had to get out found out how difficult it was to move around and how difficult it was to see anything because of the snowstorm.

Many of Metro’s small businesses have nothing to smile about—some haven’t even bothered to open. But for those who turned on the “open” sign today, the weather has slowed things down.

Hairstylist Valerie Coach of Haircuts by Val said she doesn’t get many haircuts today.

“I’ve already had two cancellations and only one left, so I think I’ll be watching a lot of TV today,” Coach said.

There are some small business owners who are happy to see snow.

Chris Ludwik of Living Green Lawn and Landscape has a snow blower and everything he can handle.

“For me, this is white gold,” said Ludwik. “I have been doing this since 4:30 in the morning, I will probably do this until midnight, if not later. I have about 12 commercials and probably 25 to 30 living quarters.”

City snowblowers have a much longer to-do list and will have to work around the clock to clear all the snow and slush from the streets.

“Overnight, we will continue to make sure that everything is tidy on the main and secondary streets,” said Austin Roeser of Omaha Public Works. “Contractors will continue to work. They will probably have, depending on the final depths, I think they will have 18 hours from the end of the accumulation to finish it. The city will follow suit and spill salt in these areas, so we’ll be at it for at least the next few days.”

Omaha city officials say they have managed to pre-process all of the city’s major routes.

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