Will Trump’s hand-picked judge will save the former president from prosecution and jail

When Donald Trump’s team of very untrained attorneys managed to submit Trump’s case erroneously and the judge offered them a do over, it should have been obvious to predict what was going to happen next. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

The court then gave directions on exactly what she needed to see along with the subsequent complaint, which was lacking all of the crucial components. And now, the judge that Donald Trump nominated has disregarded all previous cases in the law, and in the process, he or she has established a whole new statute, in order to provide Donald Trump just what it was that he desired, a special master.

Judge Aileen Cannon has not stopped at merely stating that she plans to appoint a special master. Instead, she has insisted that the federal government submit a more complete inventory of the papers that were stolen, a list that will be shared with Trump. Only she appears to have skipped even more steps than Trump’s attorneys, such as even sending the suit to the purported “defendant,” or offering any reason why her could T can interfere in any manner. For example, she seems to have missed even sending the suit to the supposed “defendant.”

how any of this would actually operate, and how anybody would go about appointing a special master to evaluate papers that are classified at the highest level conceivable… looks not just impossible, but ludicrous. On the other hand, this is completely uncharted territory in the realm of the law—the type that shouldn’t even exist outside of the Twilight Zone.

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