Why not kill and chase away the spiders in your home?


Spiders are a natural part of the ecosystem of our homes, which is why they are very useful arthropods that we don’t need to kill.

We think our homes are safely isolated from the outside world and nature, but many species of spiders live in our homes. Some are accidentally captured, while others are short-term visitors. Certain species, on the other hand, enjoy closed spaces and happily live and breed in them. These spiders are usually secretive, and almost all of the ones we come across are neither aggressive nor dangerous. In addition, they provide us with services such as destroying pests – while some even eat other members of their species.

Two types of spiders are commonly found in our homes – from the family Pholcidae and Theridiidae, which weave a web and wait for the prey to be caught in it. Basement spiders sometimes leave their webs to hunt other members of their species pretending to be prey. Although they are predators by nature – ready to eat anything they can catch – they regularly prey on annoying pests and even disease-carrying insects – for example, mosquitoes. Thus, by killing the spiders we are actually left without an important and useful protector.

It is natural to fear them. They have many legs and almost all species are venomous – although most species have venom too weak to cause problems in humans, provided their pincers can even pierce our skin. But you should know that spiders do not want to catch us, and prefer to avoid us – we are much more dangerous to them than vice versa. Spider bites are extremely rare. Although there are several medically important species such as the black widow and recluse, even their bites are uncommon and rarely cause serious problems.

If you really can’t stand a spider in your house, apartment, garage or other place, instead of killing it, try to catch it and release it outside. He will find another place and both parties will be satisfied with the outcome. But if you can tolerate them, it’s perfectly fine for them to stay in the home. Actually, that’s normal. Also, even if you don’t see them, know that they are there, in your home. Spiders are probably not aware that they are guests in your space, but they don’t care because of course you don’t mind them and they don’t see you as a threat. That’s why they are not aggressive towards people, on the contrary, man is the one who benefits a lot from them.


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