Why no one is excited about Zuckerberg meta-universe?

They say that visionaries are often misunderstood even before their time, but judging by the vision of the meta-universe presented by Zuckerberg, that future does not promise much.

Meta’s first man at the event Inside the Lab, held on February 23, presented the initial concept of a meta-universe powered by artificial intelligence. Zuckerberg believes that artificial intelligence is a key part of the meta-universe concept, but according to him, the work is still in its infancy.

The concept of artificial intelligence in this case is embodied in the Builder Bot robot that helps you meet requirements. Builder Bot allows you to describe the world you want, and based on that it will generate parts of that world.

Builder Bot is part of a larger project called Project CAIRaoke that aims to create artificial intelligence with which you can talk about creating virtual worlds yourself.

Judging by what we have seen, this technology is at a very early stage and the resolution is significantly lower, so it is difficult to seriously present a concept through an unfinished project, according to some Twitter users.

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