Why California declared coffee carcinogenic and why some scientists advise to avoid coffee?

In the next few months, California will officially declare coffee to be carcinogenic, and public areas and office buildings will have a warning about it. Various studies on coffee have shown different results – from the fact that it is the most beloved drink for many, it has a lot of health benefits to completely opposite conclusions. As far back as 1986, California introduced a law that every year must publish a list of newly discovered chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or damage to reproductive health. In the last 30 years, that list has expanded to as many as 900 chemicals, including acrylamide.

It is released by heat treatment

Acrylamide is a byproduct of some foods that are cooked using methods that require rapid high heat such as frying or baking, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. Studies have shown very high levels of acrylamide in fried potato products, including French fries and potato chips.

The chemical is also released by roasting coffee beans, which is why the American Cancer Society advises people to reduce their intake of coffee, as well as grains and potato by-products. Acrylamide contributed to WHO’s classification of coffee as carcinogenic more than 25 years ago. But in 2016 the international agency relaxed its warnings against the drink, suggesting instead that all “very strong” drinks are carcinogenic.

Now the California court, not the health organization, has determined to determine the risks of coffee. Otherwise, acrylamide turns into a compound that can damage and cause mutations in DNA, increasing the risk of cancer in animal experiments, the National Cancer Research Institute said. Lack of Evidence However, “numerous epidemiological studies in humans have found no consistent evidence that exposure to acrylamide in food is associated with any type of cancer,” the institute says. However, that did not stop the authorities in California from declaring coffee carcinogenic anyway, to the disappointment of many people.

It is necessary to conduct additional research so that this assumption of the Californian experts could possibly be proven, writes Daily mail.

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