While the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations are constantly on the rise statewide, Nebraska Governors refuses to implement new pandemic measures

Omaha, Nebraska – It looks like we are still far from the end of the Omicron wave this winter since the number of new Covid-19 cases reported across the state are constantly high, a trend that has been in place for several weeks now.

Many states so far introduced some of the well-known pandemic measures to combat the spread of the very infectious Omicron variant, but it looks like Nebraskans won’t have to change their daily habits anytime soon.

According to multiple reports, hospitals are already running on their limits and decent number of hospitals across the state started limiting surgeries so they can put all their effort on treating Covid-19 patients.

Despite the fact that the number that number of virus hospitalizations in Nebraska exceeds the level that was supposed to trigger new restrictions from the state, but Gov. Pete Ricketts said those aren’t needed right now.

The latest data provide by the state health officials shows that there are 741 people hospitalized with COVID-19 Wednesday. That’s significant increase since late December when 445 people were hospitalized.

While Nebraskans are exposed to increased risk of getting infected, state health officials believe the state is close to the Omicron winter peak and they expected the number of new cases to start decreasing in the upcoming period.

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