While the nation is struggling with blood supply units since the start of the pandemic, Nebraska woman has just donated blood for 150th time

Lincoln, Nebraska – Since the start of the pandemic, many states are having hard times to keep the much-needed blood supply units at a decent level.

The American Red Cross is constantly putting a lot of effort in the last couple of months in organizing blood donation events in many stats in a period when less people are willing to donate blood because of the pandemic and the risk of getting infected.

According to a data provided by the Red Cross, only 3% of the population donates blood regularly and these people are the heroes our country needs since they fully support the blood transfusions every day.

A Nebraska woman called Martha Minchow on Thursday donated blood for 150th time and she is surely among those with the most blood donations countrywide.

She reached her milestone number with donating blood on Thursday to the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

“It’s one of the simple ways I can give back to the community,” Minchow said, “It doesn’t take very long, relatively painless and just something that I have to give, my blood.”

Minchow said that she lost her son in 1991 and two years later in 1993, she decided to start donating blood. She eventually learned how important blood donation is and she continued ever since.

“It’s something you have and it’s the only thing that you can give that’s essential for life,” Minchow said.

Minchow has now donated just shy of 19 gallons of blood Kari Lundeen at the Nebraska Community Blood Bank said that amount of donations is enough to impact nearly 450 lives.

“We couldn’t do it without them, because it’s really those loyal donors that keep coming back time and time again that helps keep that blood supply stable and increased,” Lundeen said.

She added that she doesn’t plan to stop donating blood anytime soon and will continue to do it so until she is healthy to, even after 30 years of actively donating blood.

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