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While the city officials are arguing with the state officials over the Omaha mask mandate, locals still obligated to wear masks indoors

Omaha, Nebraska – Omaha seems to be the only city countrywide that has mask mandate implemented without the approval of the Nebraska’s state health officials or the state officials.

As we already reported multiple times, Nebraska Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the city leaders last week for implementing citywide mask mandates for locals while indoors.

On Wednesday, Attorneys for the City of Omaha filed court documents explaining why they believe that Omaha city leaders have the authorities to implement mask mandate without prior approval of the state officials. That was their first response to the lawsuit filed by the Nebraska Attorney General earlier this month.

The city’s lawyers argue that Omaha has broad authority to enact ordinances, rules, and regulations because it has a metropolitan classification, especially when it comes to the health of its residents.

According to city’s lawyers, just because the county leaders previously implemented some measures in the past, it doesn’t mean that city leaders can’t implement other measures at a later date.

The city writes that based on the AG Doug Peterson’s argument: “The health director retains the authority to do anything and everything to address a pandemic but could never impose a mask ordinance. This is an extremely tortured interpretation of the law of preclusion.”

Nebraska Attorney General and his time argue that the city of Omaha doesn’t have the right and the authority to implement such mandate adding that no other city health director has imposed an infectious disease control measure.

The first court hearing is set to take place next week on Monday when judge should hear the arguments.

Meanwhile, the mask mandate remains in place despite state officials’ efforts to make the Omaha city leaders recall the mandate.

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