Which country produces the best cars? The list might surprise you

A detailed survey conducted by The Car Expert in the UK showed which countries produce the best cars. There are several surprises on the list, and it is difficult to guess who won the first place.

This research is based on the impressions of automotive journalists from the United Kingdom and their ratings for over 340 models available in the market.

For the results to be fair, mass-produced cars should have a minimum of 10 published texts for them, while limited-edition models should have a minimum of 6. texts. Therefore, brands such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Morgan or Caterham were not included in this study due to insufficient data. Information from the 30 largest car media in the UK was used to obtain the final rating of the Expert Rating Index, and the results are presented in percentages.

The winner is the Czech Republic, which recorded an impressive result of 76.4%, primarily thanks to Skoda. Sweden is in second place (74.1%), while car giant Germany (73.5%) is in third place on this list. Despite the success of premium brands such as Porsche (82%), BMW (73%) and Audi (73%), the result of Germany was influenced by some of the lower ranked brands.

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Smart had a strong impact on Germany’s slightly worse rating as it received the lowest rating of all brands in the survey at 43%, well below the penultimate Subaru (51%).
As for the most important countries in the automotive industry, Great Britain took the 5th place, the USA is in the sixth, while France is not even in the top 10, because it is in the 11th place.

List of countries that produce the best cars according to research by The Car Expert:
1. Czech Republic – 76.4%
2. Sweden – 74.1%
3. Germany – 73.5%
4. Spain – 72.2%
5. United Kingdom – 71.5%
6. USA – 69.1%
7. Romania – 68.3%
8. South Korea – 67.6%
9. Italy – 67.5%
10. Japan – 66.8%

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