When the baby was breathing on its own and I was able to hand the baby to its mother that was much relief,” Missouri police officer saves non-breathing baby right after delivery

WILLARD, Missouri – Sgt. Steve Purdy of the Willard Police Department assisted in the successful resuscitation of a newborn who had stopped breathing shortly after birth.

On August 12, Sgt. Purdy got a call informing him that a pregnant woman was about to give birth. Because the Willard Police Department station was quite close to where they were, he answered the call. The baby had already been delivered, and dispatch reported that the infant was unresponsive and not breathing when he arrived. He arrived at the apartment first, where the mother was already performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

After taking over, a few minutes later he turned to the parents, Tayllor Burt and Ray Daughty, and asked them if they had anything that could help clean his lungs. That is correct.

According to Sergeant Purdy, the moment of relief came “when the baby was breathing on its own and I was able to hand the infant to its mother.”

Asher is the name of the newborn, and he or she is currently three weeks old. His parents report that he is content and in good health.

Even though he does not particularly enjoy all of the attention, Sgt. Purdy acknowledges and appreciates it. Others, including him, wish to acknowledge the quick thinking displayed by the mother.

An endeavor by the group to ensure that baby Asher would have a chance to fight.

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