What is virtual RAM and why is it important for your new phone to have it?


It is clear that a little more RAM is not out of the question, a certain minimum is required for comfortable operation of an Android phone.

And at the very beginning, to be clear, the Android ecosystem does not have such strict standards as the App Store when it comes to applications, but neither does the large number of devices for which they must be optimized, so the fragmentation affects the fact that instead of optimization, the chosen strategy is: give more memoryā€¯.

Therefore, if you choose an Android phone, in addition to as much RAM as possible, choose a model that can add virtual RAM, that is, block memory and part of the user memory, which can be added to the classic RAM memory to make the phone work better. faster, but also more stable – this will be especially important when using multiple applications at the same time, but in some cases also while playing games.

Vivo has done everything it should with the vivo X80 Lite – equipped the phone with enough RAM memory, even 8 GB, which is above the average for this category of phones, but also enabled the activation of the virtual RAM memory, which comes to the rescue whenever the mentioned 8 GB is not enough. are sufficient for any reason.

The poll reveals all

Recently, the famous site Android Authority conducted a survey in which over 40,000 users were asked the question “How much RAM is enough for your phone?”. When we look back a few years ago when 2 GB of RAM was enough to run most phones, we wonder when we came to the idea that 6 GB was the optimal amount?

According to the results of the research, the largest number of users (32%) stated that they are satisfied with 8 GB of memory, while the next highest result is 6 GB (26%). For 15% of users, 4 GB of RAM is enough for comfortable operation, while almost 20% said they need 12 GB or more.

Thus, the vivo company has done its homework and offered users more RAM than they expect from an Android phone of this class – as much as 8 GB of RAM!

Virtual memory

Instead of adding RAM to their phones, some manufacturers have started using a trick that Microsoft started more than 20 years ago – virtual memory. Namely, manufacturers allow their phones to have additional memory in the form of virtual RAM memory that is allocated from a part of the storage memory.

We have seen virtual RAM memory in the phones of the vivo company, which means that the technology is gaining momentum and it is only a question of when it will become a standard option on most devices. Virtual RAM works by setting aside a portion of internal memory for storage, which is slower than fast RAM, which is added to RAM and used when it’s full, but helps with the phone’s most demanding operations.

Thanks to 8GB of RAM and even more for virtual RAM, the vivo X80 Lite can run nearly 30 apps simultaneously without performance degradation. It’s true that most people will never use so many apps at the same time, but it’s nice to know that you’ll be able to comfortably and easily do everything you want at any time.

Of course, it’s not just the RAM on this phone that matters. The vivo X80 Lite phone has excellent OIS main and secondary cameras, but also hardware sufficient for the next three years of use, which will be covered by regular Android OS updates and security and Google patches.


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