What 33 means for Tom Cruise and how people think that affected his marriages

When they filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, each of his exes had 33 years under their belts at the time. In addition to this, each new wife was 11 years younger than the one that came before her. Is it possible that it’s just a strange coincidence?

Tom Cruise is one of the Hollywood actors who has managed to capture and maintain the public’s attention throughout his career. The ageless ability for acting, the sensational divorces, and the strained connection with his one and only biological kid are all examples of this. Fans of his have recently brought to their attention an intriguing fact regarding his divorces.

Tom Cruise has gone through the process of being divorced three times after each of his three marriages. Fans of Tom Cruise have discovered a peculiar pattern that is shared by all three of his previous marriages, despite the fact that the divorce he went through with Katie Holmes was the one that received the most media attention.

It is common knowledge that Tom Cruise is one of the most influential people to follow the teachings of Scientology. The church of Scientology itself has been the focus of a great deal of media attention up to this point, and a huge number of conspiracies have been connected to it.

Conspiracy theorists on social media assert that there is a fascinating link that can be drawn between each of the three previous marriages’ dissolutions.

Tom got a divorce from each of his wives when they were 33 years old, and the age difference between his new spouses was 11 years younger than the age difference between his previous marriages.

Mimi Rogers

Tom Cruise wed actress Mimi Rogers in 1987, and it is said that she was the one who first brought him to Scientology. Tom had already established a strong public profile at that time because to his parts in the films Top Gun and Risky Business.

Their marriage did not survive very long, and as a result, the pair filed for divorce in 1990; nevertheless, the actress has declined to elaborate on the reasons for the split.

Mimi was 33 years old when they broke up, and they made the announcement of their divorce just a few days before Tom turned 24 years old.

Nicole Kidman

Tom first started seeing Nicole Kidman in 1990, and by the time they were married in 2000, they were widely regarded as one of the most compatible couples in all of Hollywood. They brought Isabella and Connor into their family through the process of adoption.

When Tom and Nicole declared in 2001 that they were divorcing owing to irreconcilable differences, the entire world was taken aback. This announcement came shortly after Tom and Nicole played their respective roles in the film Eyes Wide Shut.

The reason behind Nicole and her husband’s divorce, which occurred when she was 33 years old, has been the topic of rumors and discussion in the media for a long time.

After his relationship with Nicole ended, Tom moved on to a romance with Penelope Cruz, although they did not end up getting married.

Katie Holmes

In 2006, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise tied the knot, only a few months after the couple welcomed their daughter Suri into the world.

Katy, on the other hand, submitted her petition for divorce in June of 2012, only a few short months before she would have become 34 years old.

Regarding the disparity in their ages, Mimi Rogers is now (August, 2022) 66 years old, Nicole Kidman is 55a, and Katie Holmes will turn 44 years old in December of this year.

According to conspiracy theorists on social media, the number 33 has a significant meaning in Scientology and is referred to as the “master teacher” because it explains the logic behind Scientology so well, which is “to enable man to improve himself through understanding.” [C]onspiracy theorists also claim that this number is called the “master teacher” because of this.

At this point, there is no explanation for what is happening; it may be a coincidence, or it could be a conspiracy idea.

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