Ways to Beat Cabin Fever in Omaha

Winter has its own way of making people feel cooped up.

Luckily, there are some great and relatively inexpensive remedies to help you boost your winter energy with some new activities you may not have considered.

Here are nine ways to beat the Omaha cabin, which has plenty to do both outdoors and indoors.

Nature redoubles its attraction. Found on Facebook page

Explore Winter Wild Therapy

You may have the perfect place to hike and explore during the warmer months, but have you seen how beautiful it is in winter?

Heron Haven is the perfect afternoon stroll for birdwatchers, hikers, and anyone who wants to get up close and personal with nature.

Hummel Park has several intermediate trails and a forest that you can visit during the day.

The Forest of Fontenelle is another peaceful hidden gem for people who love to walk in the wild in winter.

At the Hitchcock Nature Center, you can walk along several forest trails, encounter wildlife, and marvel at a sea of ​​trees.

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Level up at the local arcade

According to a 2021 study by the University of Oxford, video games can make you feel better, so head to the following slots to cheer you up.

Dave and Buster’s offers an extensive arcade, adult food and drink, and if you go between 4pm and 7pm, you can win happy hour.

Beercade has been voted Readers’ Choice 2022 as one of the best bars for online dating, and the bar features over 50 draft beers.

Omaha Virtual Reality allows you to celebrate any event with your friends in multiple rooms where you can explore the most advanced virtual gaming environments.

For a personalized experience, you can rent an Arcade 33 for $75 an hour and have access to all machines.

But don’t let your dogs get cold! Found on Unsplash

Take a fast trip to a dog park

Your dogs don’t stop needing outdoor adventures with their human just because winter is coming, so visit the dog park the next time you all need to go for a walk.

First, Bellevue Birdmore Freedom Dog Park gives your puppies two designated dog spots throughout its vast area. Guests can use the free trash bag dispensers that are readily available throughout the park.

Then Hanscom Park, famous for its swimming pool and play area during the summer season, also has a fenced-in dog area that sways just as hard in the winter.

Finally, Dewey Park allows your dog to run off-leash and test his paws on a dedicated obstacle course.

Consider signing up for an open mic if you have everything you need! Found on Facebook page

Have fun at the comedy club

How long has laughter been the best medicine? When all bets are off, step out of the cold and visit a comedy club for some indoor healing this winter.

The Backline Comedy Theater in Omaha brings together a group of comedians for a month, offering amateur nights for anyone who wants to give stand-up a try and lessons for anyone interested in the basics of live comedy.

You can count on having a touring comedian at Funny Bone every weekend; you can also rely on the kitchen to prepare solid food – the best of both worlds!

One place you might not have visited yet is the Blackstone Theatre, which hosts live comedy shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and the venue can comfortably seat up to 75 guests.

These concerts will appeal to passionate and casual fans alike. Found on Facebook page

Catch a show in Slowdown

Most months, their calendar is full of events with bands, both local and visiting, and February is no exception.

Below are three events that The Slowdown will host over the next month. Bob Marley’s birthday party (feat. Rhythm Collective) will take place on February 4th, Smells Like Nirvana will begin on February 10th and Vinyl Williams & Dendrons will end the month on February 27th.

Admission to the Bob Marley celebration and Nirvana tribute is $15 in advance or $20 on the day of the show; Williams/Dendrons vinyl costs $12 in advance or $15 per day.

Vinyl Williams, known for his neo-psychedelic music accompanied by creative art, and Chicago post-punk and pop band the Dendrons will share the stage with local acts Cat Piss and Pagan Athletes, who are known to draw a rough crowd. .

Take risks alone or with friends and when you’re done you’ll feel like a million bucks. Found on Unsplash

Take a windy walk, jog or walk

Are you looking for three ways to get some fresh winter air without paying a dime? Or just looking for a way to spend time alone in this world?

The windy river that surrounds the Bob Kerrey Bridge can be calm if you remember to pack up and take a thermos of coffee or soup with you. Bring a camping blanket, make a beat and sit down on the epic steps. Or, if non-stop traffic is your thing, you can time your bike, run, brisk walk, etc. on the bridge itself.

The 27-mile Keystone Trail is so vast and long that you can get lost somewhere along the way, stumble upon a local business and get back on the trail. With multiple entrances that make it easy to access the trail, put your cycling or jogging skills to the test and get down to business.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Found on Facebook page

Save yourself from the cold in the cinema

While the experience of going to the movies has changed, the human experience of watching a great movie in a dark theater where everyone is on the same wild journey as you, where you can escape reality just as much as you can dive into the truth. lives. !

Film Streams Dundee is the oldest cinema in operation today, and the Ruth Sokolof building has been serving the community with trusted independent films since 2007.

Marcus Majestic has something for everyone, serves adult drinks at the bar, and has 19 giant screens.

ACX Elkhorn is a new theater with a wide range of seating that is more than worth a look.

Even if you are familiar with these places, you can always find something new. Found on Unsplash

Visit Old Market, Benson and Blackstone

You can count on three city centers – Old Market, Benson and Blackstone – to stay alive even during the cold season, offering great hideaways when you need a break from it all.

Head downtown to the Old Market, explore a variety of shops you haven’t been to before, or stop by your favorites like The Amazing Imaginarium and The Dubliner. Bring your lunch and take a seat outside when the sun is shining. And on cold days, put on your coziest clothes and take a walk with a hot drink in your hand.

The Benson Entertainment District offers many shops, bars and other entertainment venues, including Beercade and the Benson Theatre.

Blackstone has a bunch of cool local businesses that you can find in the dense Midtown area, like Ground Floor Guitar and Noli’s Pizzeria, as well as plenty of drinking establishments.

Instead of making a mess of your home, vent your pent-up energy in a fun and safe environment. Found on Facebook page

Let off steam indoors

There’s no shame in needing a little inspiration to stay physically active this winter.

Le Smash, located in Bellevue, opened in 2018 and has been a resounding success, operating as a place where you can safely smash things into a million tiny pieces.

Craft Ax Throwing lets you live as an ax warrior or craftsman, with plenty of room for you, your friends, and a small niche of people doing the same. There’s a bar where you can order great drinks, and if you’re worried about your own amateurishness, don’t worry: there’s an instructor in every lane. Entrance costs about $25 per person.

If you want to throw axes and ninja stars, Flying Timber is the way to go. Renting a strip will cost you $20 an hour or $35 for two, and they offer several other price packages and rental options.

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