Waverly Volunteer Fire Chief has been diagnosed with cancer, the local community is now answering the call for him

WAVERLY, Nebraska – Jared Rains has made public service a part of his life by serving as chief of the Waverly volunteer fire department. He is accustomed to assisting others in times of need. As a result of his unanticipated health diagnosis, they are now answering his call.

Rains, the volunteer fire chief, was astonished to learn he had prostate cancer at age 41. In spite of the prognosis, he has not slowed down.

Rains stated, “I’m trying to keep things normal here and at my regular job.” Family life, simply be there and available.

In addition to his duties in Waverly, he serves as a supervisor for the Nebraska State Patrol, coordinating the installation of cruisers with radios and cameras.

“In a little over a month, I received the initial phone call indicating I had cancer, had my prostate removed, and am now in the healing phase,” he explained.

Rains underwent surgery on September 1 and there is a chance he may require radiation. He took a week off, during which he continued to answer emails and phone calls, but he is now back at work at NSP and as the fire chief. Due to lifting constraints, he has been somewhat hampered in this job.

“I haven’t been able to attend calls, which has been somewhat difficult, especially since I still receive the call on my phone, so I quickly turn it over so I can hear what’s going on and attempt to be a part of it,” Rains said.

However, he may still visit the fire station, which serves as therapy for him.

“I’ve been able to separate, come down here, concentrate on the department, and maintain operations.”

The department enjoys having him back in the station after approximately two and a half years as chief.

“I’ve known Jared for ten years,” said Robin Hoffman, a fellow firefighter and friend. “He is a fantastic family man, a great leader, and a decent individual. Constantly approachable”

A fellow firefighter of Rains’ launched a GoFundMe page to assist with any additional medical expenses and lost wages.

Rains remarked, “It’s good to see the community members who have donated despite not being required to do so.” It has been quite pleasant, inspiring, and helpful to my family.

Rains stated that his cancer was discovered during a routine physical examination, and he emphasized the significance of undergoing frequent prostate screenings.

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