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Watch: It’s Like War – High-Ranking Drug Lord Arrested in Successful Operation

On Thursday, violence erupted in a Mexican city after authorities arrested a major figure in the Sinaloa cartel.

Days after President Joe Biden’s visit to Mexico, Mexico on Thursday sought to show it was attacking drug cartels capturing Ovidio Guzmán, son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, according to Washington Post.

In response, cartel forces opened fire on government troops, as well as on helicopters and planes. For hours, the city of Culiacan resembled a war zone. Guardian.

Burning cars blocked roads throughout the city. The military airbase and Culiacan International Airport were attacked. The airline Aeromexico reported that a bullet hit a passenger plane preparing for takeoff.

Video from Culiacan showed scenes of destruction.

Journalist Marcos Vizcarra said that he and others hostage in a hotel after a cartel mobster seized the cars to burn them in the street, according to Los Angeles Times. Schools were closed and residents were urged to take shelter in place.

“They caught him around 4 am and the shooting has not stopped since then. It was a real mess – they shoot in the air, trying to bring down [police] helicopters. The whole city is in disarray,” The Guardian quoted an unnamed resident of the city as saying.

Cesar Lara said he was leaving the airport after arriving on a flight from Mexico City when the shooting started. New York Times.

Lara said that he returned to the airport, which has since been closed.

“The only thing I want is to be at home, in peace and tranquility,” Lara said.

The outbreak of violence reflected 2019 incident in which Ovidio Guzmán was arrested but then released after cartel forces unleashed a wave of violence.

John Feely, who the newspaper described as a former top US diplomat in Mexico, said the arrest was in line with Mexico’s pattern before important meetings with US leaders.

“I think it’s completely intentional and performative,” he said.

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This was stated by Minister of Defense Luis Cresensio Sandoval. Guzman According to the Guardian, he was taken to Mexico City after his arrest.

“When the armed forces set up a roadblock to stop several cars with makeshift armor, [cartel] the militants opened fire. The security forces identified Ovidio Guzmán, whom they managed to detain,” he said, adding that Guzmán had been under surveillance for six months.

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