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Watch: Fox Reporter Stops Show And Hugs Son For First Time Since School Shooting

Fox News correspondent Alicia Acuna on Wednesday was given a job no reporter wants: she was sent to cover a shooting at her own children’s school.

Akuna rushed to Denver East High School after two administrators were shot dead by a male student. mass media reported.

According to the report, Akuna quickly confirmed that her son, stepsons, and niece were unharmed as she rushed to the task.

For most of the broadcast, you never guessed that this was not just another news assignment for Akuna, Fox’s senior executive. correspondent based in the network’s Denver bureau, according to Fox Web site.

In addition to blinking hard several times—possibly holding back tears—her voice and demeanor were professional as she discussed the hunt for the shooter and reviewed the governor’s statement.

But then, right in the middle of the live broadcast, Akuna stopped being a reporter, just for a moment, and became worried mom when she saw her son coming towards her.

“Sorry,” she apologized to colleagues and the audience, “I haven’t seen my baby since all this happened.”

A tall, dark-haired teenager walked up to Akuna and hugged her tightly. “You’re good?” she asked, looking quickly into his eyes. After calming down, she quickly turned to the camera.

Could you keep calm?

“I’m sorry,” she apologized again and resumed the conversation. broadcast. “You would never let your child pass by.

“He’s fine. He’s good.”

The incident was also reported Hill and discussed on social media.

An earlier report indicated that Akuna’s son sat next to a student who was fatally shot at school in February.

Colorado Springs Station CCTV reported that the shooting took place in the school office and that the two who were fired were the deans of the senior classes who conducted a pre-organized “test” of the student.

“This particular student actually had a security plan that called for him to be searched every day at the start of the school day,” Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said, according to the report.

“They have been searched until today, and they have never had weapons on them before; however, today during that search, which took place away from other students, away from other school staff, they drew their weapons and fired shots.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told the network that “[f]or unrelated situation, paramedics were in the building when the shooting occurred and they were able to provide immediate support and treatment to the injured, and I think this will play a huge role in their eventual recovery.”

The victims of the shooting are both men, CBS News reported.

One of them was reported to be in Critical conditionand one was in serious but stable condition on Wednesday afternoon.

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